General practitioner

General practitioner

General pra​ctitioner with a premium approach

We offer our patients a different approach from the usual standard in this region. We place emphasis not only on the high professional standard of our care, but we also take great care to ensure that our patients feel comfortable, so that we can build a relationship based on trust and respect. A considerate approach on the part of the doctor is frequently a more effective treatment than the most state-of-the-art instruments, which are also naturally available to you at our centre. The high standard of our medical care is attested to by the fact that we are the first private clinic in the Czech Republic to obtain a quality certificate from the Czech Accreditation Committee.

Good communication, respect for your dignity and a pleasant environment

At Polyclinic Prague City Center you will find a pleasant environment and accommodating staffRespect for the patient and a high standard of communication skills rank amongst the absolute essentials in our employees’ approach to our clients. Our doctors are accustomed to listening and informing you in detail about your condition of health and the options for treatment. We consider it entirely customary for the patient to be accompanied for example by a family member who is present during the examination. If you need to bring your children with you to the visit, our nurses will look after them. You will also undoubtedly appreciate the fact that our offices are located in a pleasant environment and that we make appointments for a specific time in order to ensure that waiting is kept to a minimum.

An exceptional team of general practitioners

Our team of general practitioners is composed of respected experts with several years of clinical experience and an excellent reputation.

Modern equipment

It is our endeavor to provide complex medical care under one roof, and we also adapt our equipment to this purpose. Our general practitioners have state-of-the-art equipment in their surgeries, enabling basic laboratory examination directly in the office (CRP, glycaemia, INR, strep test, FOB), as well as ECG, ECG Holter monitoring, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, ultrasound, X-ray or ergometry and spirometry.

Related complex care

In addition to general practitioner’s services, Polyclinic Prague City Center provides care by a range of specialists, who take care of you in the case that you require specifically focused treatment. Within a short space of time you may also undergo complex treatment provided by experienced doctors within a single location – these doctors co-operate mutually and share the same documentation. Polyclinic Prague City Center also co-operates with a wide range of other outpatient specialists and hospitals, where in case of necessity we can arrange the required examinations within the shortest possible time.

Preventive medicine

Our services also include preventive medicine. We offer our clients above all a basic preventive check-up, cardiological preventive examination and complex oncological screening.