Cardiology and Vascular medicine

Cardiology is a branch of internal medicine that deals with the diagnosis and non-surgical therapy of heart diseases.

We offer comprehensive cardiological care for patients with heart diseases
• Ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris
• Heart valve disease
• Hypertension
• Heart rhythm disorders
• Heart failure

Within cardiology for adults we offer:
• ECG Exam
• Cardiac Stress Test
• ECG Holter (24 hour ECG monitoring)
• Arterial Pressure Holter (24 hour blood pressure monitoring)
• Specialised echocardiographic examination of adult patients

Sports and Exercise Cardiology
• Spiroergometry
• Echocardiography for sportsman

Vascular Ultrasound

◦ Evaluation of the arteries and veins ( duplex study ) of the body

Preventive cardiac care
• Nutrition advisory
• Diagnostic and Therapy of lipid disorders

Consultation of results of exams carried out in other health care facilities.

Subsequent care after catheterization and heart surgery
• coronary angiography
• coronary interventions including implantation of coronary stents

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